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Marvel Superhero Headquarters and the new Disney Marvel Pins

Super Hero Headquarters

Hey True Believers! Marvel Superhero Headquarters is a new store to check out when you go to Downtown Disney in Lake Buena Vista, FL. Here’s a store to fill all your Marvel Superhero needs: T-shirts, action figures, magnets, and what caught my attention…Disney pins featuring Marvel. Over the past five plus years of visiting Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, I’ve found myself slowly turning into a Disney pin collector grabbing SWW event pins, pass holder exclusive pins, and just about any pin that has Boba Fett. So imagine how GEEKED out I was when I entered this new Marvel store and found a small area featuring Marvel pins!

Marvel Disney Pins

It was only a matter of time I thought that Disney would start carrying more Marvel merchandise including pins. After the recent news of 28 different Skottie Young baby character pins coming exclusive to San Diego Comic Con this year (HERE), I had an inkling to start checking the stores at Walt Disney World during my July 4th trip and to no surprise, I did find a small motherload of Marvel pins.

FRIENDLY TIP: Now keep in mind, Marvel Superheros Headquarters is the spot to find the most pins in one spot. If you got to the main store in Downtown Disney, World of Disney, you will only find one of the pins, and then a small handful of different pins can be found at the main Pin Traders Store; and I wasn’t able to find any in Disney Hollywood Studios during any quick scans that I took when I had a chance. You want Marvel pins? Go to the headquarters and you’ll find plenty.

I picked up the following pins to satiate the fanboy in me: the Avengers logo pin (nice sturdy shiny silver emblem), a 3D spiderman head pin, an Avengers logo Hulk pin (that I picked up for a friend), and fresh on the racks Rocket Raccoon Guardians of the Galaxy pin.

Avengers pin

3d Spiderman head pin

Avengers Hulk pin

Rocket Raccoon pin

Now I need to start a Marvel pin lanyard. Can you imagine what Disney can do to rake in the cash selling Marvel pins? I would love to see a first appearance comic book cover series, a Key Issue comic book cover series, more of the 3D head pins (especially of the characters with cool helmets like Star-Lord), and definitely would love to see more of the silver emblem type pins (S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, Mjolnir, Captain America’s shield and imagine an unpainted Vibranium variant).

Here’s another success story of a great merchandising idea for Disney and Marvel. Excelsior!

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