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a Sith Ton of Variants for Darth Maul #1!!!


There’s always excitement surrounding a new Marvel Star Wars comic release. Darth Maul #1 came out with a vengeance and managed to conjure up around 15 different variant covers to make any fan go crazy for. We have put in a complete gallery (minus the BAM/Fried Pie Variant). But here’s a few thoughts to all you collectors who may grab for different reasons:



READER COPY: Regular cover by Rod Reis. I say, always get the main cover. This is your reader copy. Plus Reis’s work is pretty damn good here.

FOR SIGNINGS: The Animation variant cover is  perfect comic to get signed by voice actor Sam Witwer (Jediiiiiiii!!!) who played Darth Maul in Star Wars the Clone Wars Animated Series; Getting Dave Filoni to sign would just be the icing on the cake. Now What do you do for Ray Park’s signature, the actual Kung Fu master that brought this character to life on the silver screen? The Movie Photo variant seems the obvious choice, but if was to make any other consideration, i would have the colored version of the Michael Turner variant (still in stock). His art is amazing and I never knew that Michael Turner, Rest in Peace, would have any Star Wars material on file. This also would be considered Turner’s first published Star Wars cover? Oh and one last entry…how about getting Ian McDiarmid to sign the Sidious action figure variant?

FOR NOSTALGIA: Nothing brings me back more to my childhood than Star Wars action figures and John Tyler Christopher has a few entries for consideration. JTC is the who makes those damn near irresistible vintage action figure variants. Buying those covers satiate two of my “geeks”: the comic book side and the damn plastic crack, I mean action figure side. The regular vintage looking cover you should be able to find at your local comic shop, or just check Midtown Comics online (currently sold out); you could go over to Wonderland Comics and order the Early Bird Special packaging quite the evil threesome into that tray: Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren; or go to JTC’s website and order his Darth Sidious, two ligthsabers variant.

So check the gallery below. Which one would you choose? Which ones did you get? Leave a comment below, or tweet us @mindtrickdmedia. Did anyone get a Darth Maul sale and got half off? Signing off, PEW!PEW!

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